Shonan Japan

We are not do the cut corners at any time,
and forget the entertained mind.
MUGIRAKU is a shop to which we want to go and invite precious people.
The UDON is the best for meal and after drinking alcohol.
Everybody says "MU GI RU"

Local specialties centre around green tea (naturally) and Kamakura cuisine. 
Some of what you'll find in town:

  * Cha-soba made by mixing green tea with regular soba noodles. 
@@@There are also cha-udon restaurants.
  * Green-tea flavoured ice cream, including the ubiquitous soft-serve cones.
  * Green-tea flavoured dango, often served as the sweet included with matcha service.
  * Kamakura cuisine, including yuba, kaiseki-ryori, etc. 

Places to eat:

A map of restaurants and shops can be obtained from the tourism information centre 
near Hasedera.

  * Rengecha-yo is near the front gate of Byodo-in, near the end of Renge, Uji's main 
shopping street. No English is spoken by the staff, but English menus are available. Despite 
having two floors, it gets crowded in the early afternoon; as a result, the wait can be a bit 
long, but the food is excellent. Expect to pay \700 for a bowl of noodles with some 
tempura, \1500 for a filling set with a variety of noodles and tempura, and \3400 for a 
seafood blowout set.
  * There is an excellent noodle shop directly across from the JR Uji station. It is cheap 
and tasty. Try the "champon".